Yahoo Archive Viewer


Yahoo! Messenger Archive Viewer  v.

Yahoo Archive Viewer is a offline archive reader for Yahoo Instant Messenger.

Kernel Yahoo Archive Reader Evaluation  v.11. 9. 2001

Kernel Yahoo Archive Reader is a proficient Yahoo Messenger Archive Reader that allows users to decode and read archived messages such as instant messages, conferences and mobile messages.


FM Archive Viewer  v.0.0.1

FM Archive Viewer allows easy access to MS SQL Server fax archives created by GFI FAXmaker.

Yahoo Archive Decoder  v.1.0.0

Simple Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder is a Free Software that allows user to read the Yahoo Messenger Archive without having to connect to the internet or without providing the password for that account. Normally, you must be logged in to Yahoo!

Yahoo Archive Manipulator  v.1 1

This handy tool will help you decode all your archives from your computer without the need of being logged in Yahoo Messenger.

Messengers Archive Viewer  v.3 38

View Yahoo and MSN chat logs, without logging in to Yahoo or MSN. Copy,

Yahoo Chat Archive Decoder

Yahoo archive .DAT log file decoder software displays yahoo chat archive .dat files and watch secretly your employees, child or other yahoo users secret chat conversations, private massages, SMS without logging in to yahoo account. Yahoo messenger archive

Yahoo Messenger Chat Recovery Program  v.5.0.1

Yahoo Messenger Archive recovery Program easily recovers and decodes all yahoo chat archive messages .dat files. Software easily decodes yahoo archive files and saves retrieve chat conversations data in RTF or plain text format.

Yahoo Notepad Capturer  v.

Yahoo Notepad Capturer is a easy-to-use Yahoo notepad viewer and exporter. Do you have a bunch of information stored in your Yahoo Notepad Account? You want to be able to save all data on your computer?

SparkIV  v.

This tool allows you to open and extract files from GTA IV's model, texture, and script libraries. It's currently in beta, but is already very powerful! This is a IMG/RPF Archive Viewer/Editor for GTA:IV.

Windows Live Messenger Password Recovery Tool  v.5.0.1

Hotmail password recovery program reset multiple MSN Messenger login passwords and recover lost or forgotten mail account password created on MSN and Hotmail domain.

Yahoo Messenger Archive recovery program  v.5.0.1

Yahoo! Messenger Archive Decoder software can read Messages, Conferences, SMS Messages of all accounts of Yahoo! Messenger with time stamps and save messages to a rtf or text file.

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